Employee Scheduler

An intuitive and advanced scheduling platform

Gaia WFM Scheduling increases work efficiency and facilitates communications throughout the whole organization, to improve staff satisfaction. With our manual scheduling solution, creating schedules for multiple organizations has never been easier.


with Gaia Employee Scheduling

Employee Capability

Supporting management of employee skills and job certificates to properly assign tasks.

Shift Swap

Employees can apply for shift swaps on their cell phones to better manage their time.

Shift Rotation

Flexible rotation rules can automatically generate regular scheduling.

Scheduling Trends

Compare the differences between shift data and shift demand to properly allocate time slots.

Compliance Assistance

Automated monitoring and notification of compliance and breach of rule to prevent costly risks.

Import & Export

Upload your schedule from integrated external system or by template file. Easily export and save your schedule with one click. 

A better designed shift settings

Powerful, Easy, Configurable

Create your schedule with colour coded shifts

Avoid unexpected changes with shift authorization

Assign a group of shifts to certain employees

Advanced Schedule

Simple, Efficient, Flexible

Schedule by employee, by position, by group

Built-in compliance check

All changes are recorded, so every action is traceable

Task Management

Multiple tasks per shift is supported

View shift details on employee’s cell phone

Use pre-configured shifts or customize your own while scheduling


GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare was found in 1996, located in Wuxi with $9.9 billion registration capital and $ 19.6 billion total investment. Here are the significant achievements after the implementation of GaiaWorks WFM:

  1. Transfer management manually to systematic, real-time & automated management;
  2. Working-hour calculations become more accurate;
  3. Eliminate buddy punch & Standardize management;
  4. Quickly generate various work reports to provide a reference for decision-making.

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Employee Scheduler

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