Sales Performance Management

Motivate Your Sales Performance and Drive Your Business Forward.

Gaia Sales Performance Management (SPM) is an operational and analytical solution that automates sales processes to improve operational effectiveness and drive business growth. It helps companies optimize sales teams’ commission management, simplify incentive rules, and generate innovative sales.



Annual Income



Management Cost



Manual Calculation Errors



Calculation & Processing Time

Achieve Your Sales Target

Visualize Your Sales Performance

Sales Rep

Employees can clearly  understand sales target and  achieve it with incentives and  bonuses.

Sales Manager

Managers have access to  sales team members’  performance, which boosts  communication and improves  efficiency.


HR will have a more effective  commission management and  budget planning, so that  commissions could be paid  timely and correctly.


Executives can direct, plan,  and coordinate compensation  plans from higher levels to  drive operational strategies.

Safety/High Availability & Capability

What makes Gaia SPM outstanding?

Automate eHR System on organisational and personnel changes

Gaia SPM system can automatically update the personnel data in the HR system, set up the commission role,  and configure the rules. When the personnel data changes, the system will automatically adjust accordingly.

Set up rules according to specific needs and scenarios

Gaia SPM system can quickly identify the errors and deal with them. All the information is open to all or  selected business staff and sales representatives, so that disputes can be resolved efficiently.

Insightful, visualized, and real-time reports

Gaia SPM system provides multiple reports in need. You can customize your own business reports and the  system could be accessed through your desktop or mobile. Team leaders can get direct and visualized data,  so that they can instantly understand the team’s performance and make improvement accordingly.
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