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Learn how Gaia WFM Suite can help you digitally transform your workforce management to create a diverse, delighted, and engaged workforce.

Manage your time, Maximize the value

Gaia WFM Suite helps organizations increase work efficiency and facilitates communications throughout the whole organization, across branches, offices, and project sites to improve staff satisfaction. All while offering a comprehensive, powerful, and flexible WFM solution.

WFM Core

With automated HR processes and workflows, Core HR helps increase efficiency and makes record keeping less of a hassle.

Smart Scheduler

Our automated scheduler module eliminates manual processes using our reliable forecasting and scheduling algorithm.

Time & Attendance

A powerful time reporting platform. Improve your attendance workflow and increase efficiency, cutting time and cost.

Workforce Mobile

Access schedules, manage leave application, and complete all other WFM functions on your mobile phone.

Employee Scheduler

An intuitive and advanced scheduling platform. Create schedules for multiple organizations with ease.

Workforce Analytics

Powered by Power BI, Workforce Analytics takes you on deep dive into your workforce data to help decision-makers make even smarter choices.

Workforce Mobile

Workforce Mobile is a comprehensive WFM solution running on your smart phone. It allows employees to access their schedules, submit a leave application, and complete other WFM functions on the go. 

  • Mobile punch
  • View schedule
  • Request time off
  • Overtime
  • Approve requests
  • Shift swap
  • Exceptions
  • And much more…

Smart Scheduler with Business Forecast

GaiaWorks Algorithm Cloud takes the generated Business Forecast or provided shift template, and creates the schedule automatically. In the figure below, we can see how our various algorithms smooth out the data step by step, until there is a completed timetable.

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