Gaia WFM for

Retail Industry

AI-driven scheduler simplifies your workforce efficiently

Gaia WFM Stays with Retailers

With rising pressure from both market competition and increasing labor costs, retail industries have been increasingly important. Gaia WFM helps retailers solve many critical labor problems, improve the rationality of scheduling and workforce management, and ensure service and quality remain at a high standard.

Are you experiencing the following challenges or conditions?
  • Lack unified management of multiple stores
  • Complex compliance and regulations
  • Heavy workload on leave management
  • Need touch-free punching method due to COVID-19
  • Repetitive work on scheduling

If you are in one or more conditions, then we encourage you to know more about how Gaia WFM can help your retail business.

Why Gaia WFM for Retailers?

AI-driven Forecast Scheduling

Generate efficient schedules
based on a store’s historical business data like employee skills, work hour conditions, customer traffic, and sale peak times and down times, etc.

Multiple Punching Methods

Support retailers with different punching methods based on their preferences such as GPS punching, Wi-Fi punching, face recognition punching, etc. Real-time working hour display.

Real-time Leave and Shift Management

Simplify the process of leave and shift requests, reduce the workload of managers and HRs, fill in shifts timely and visualize working status.

Flexible Workforce Mobile

Enable most web-based features in your smartphone, make workforce management anytime and anywhere with real-time and automated notifications.

Gaia WFM Improves Efficiency for Retailers

An A.I. engine generates schedules specifically for your stores with just a single “click”

“Click and Drag” shift patterns make it easier for HR and managers

The simplified process and user-friendly algorithm improves efficiency for both people and stores

Gaia WFM Reduces Operation Costs for Retailers

Reduce the cost of manpower

Lower the cost on different stores’ operation

Improve cost efficiency on multiple solution purchases

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder, founded by Mrs. Estee Lauder in 1946, aims to “bring beauty to every single woman”. It is one of the largest skincare, cosmetics and perfume companies in the world. Estee Lauder works with GaiaWorks to help them mobilize their workforce effectively and in an engaging manner.

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